Cellar Door Publishing Announces New Service For Creators
(Portland, OR) February 1, 2005 -The folks at Cellar Door Publishing understand the frustration that can come from having a wonderful idea for a project, but not having an artist to bring that project to life. Finding an art team is often the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the creative process. They set out to create a program that would make this part of the process as painless as possible. The result: the Cellar Door Artist Directory.

“We’re extremely excited about launching the directory,” states Cellar Door Publisher, Jade Dodge. “We believe it will be a useful resource for new creators.” The Cellar Door Artist Directory will consist of a list of talented individuals, from artists to letterers, looking for projects with which to be involved. Those listed in the directory, as well as those making use of the directory, need not be involved in projects being submitted to Cellar Door Publishing. “While we would love the opportunity to look at groundbreaking submissions by new, talented creative teams, we are providing this as a free service for future creators, regardless of where they intend to submit,” states Dodge. “There are far too many brilliant stories out there for one publisher to handle. Fortunately for this industry, there are many publishing companies for new creators to choose from. It’s our hope that this directory will bring them one step closer to fulfilling their dream, whether it’s through Cellar Door or another publishing company.”

The process for inclusion in the directory is simple. Send a cover letter, including email address, web address (if applicable), art styles (if applicable), influences, and previous experience (if applicable), along with the following samples for the category or categories in which you would like to be listed:

Pencilers: Three sequential pages and one “pinup”

Cover Artists: Three cover samples Illustrators: Three sample pages

Inkers: Three sequential pages, include copies of the pre-inked pages for comparison

Colorists: Two sequential pages and one “pinup” Letterers: Two sequential lettered pages

Send hardcopies (not original artwork) to:
Cellar Door Publishing Artist Directory
3439 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 309
Portland, OR 97232

Submissions will be not returned, but you will be notified of your inclusion status by email. Those who have submitted professional quality work will be listed in the forthcoming Artist Directory on the Cellar Door website. The directory is provided as a free service and inclusion does not imply or denote employment or involvement with Cellar Door Publishing. Cellar Door Publishing makes no guarantee that you will be selected for a project. Those included in the directory acknowledge that Cellar Door Publishing is involved only so far as choosing those to be included and cannot be held responsible for arrangements made between those making use of the directory.

Requests for additional information can be sent to artistdirectory@cellardoorpublishing.com