Cellar Door Publishing Launches Review Column
(Portland, OR) February, 18, 2005-- This week marks the launch of the Cellar Door Publishing review column. The guiding principle behind Cellar Door's latest program is simple: United we stand, divided we fall.

"The idea for the review column is as old as the idea for Cellar Door Publishing itself," states Cellar Door's publisher, Jade Dodge. "Plans for the review column were announced during the launch of Cellar Door. So, we're excited to finally get this project up and running."

The Cellar Door Publishing review column, featured on the Cellar Door website, was designed to carry out Cellar Door's expressed commitment to promoting the comic book industry, as a whole.

"Competition exists in every industry," states Dodge. "But this industry is unique in its strong sense of community and support. The review column focuses on books our reviewers feel have been overlooked. All reviews are positive, making them more like recommendations than reviews."

In addition to books published through Cellar Door, the column will also feature books published by competing companies.

"Some people might view this as an odd business practice," states Dodge," but to me it was just common sense. Having this element of cohesiveness between publishing companies can only help to strengthen the industry, which benefits everyone."

The column will feature reviews by industry newcomers Michael Peterson, Alex Paknadel, Matt Bylsma, and Ron Thibodeau. Each reviewer was carefully chosen based on their knowledge of the industry, their diverse literary interests, and their level of enthusiasm for the medium.

"When I set out to choose reviewers for the site," states Dodge, "I looked for individuals that I felt would be positive representatives of the comic book community. People who weren't content being passive. I was looking for advocates. And I found them."

"One of my favorite websites was always Artbomb.net, and I was sad to see it end," states Cellar Door review columnist, Michael Peterson. "While we can only hope to be as clever as they often were, the web needs as many resources like that as it can get--talking about great comics of all genres; stuff you might not have tried, or even heard of, otherwise. It's great that Jade and Cellar Door want to promote that, and I'm grateful to be part of the team.