Cellar Door Publishing Announces 2005 Chimaera Lineup
PORTLAND, OR (January 7, 2005) What do a "has been" superhero, a delusional topless courier, unlikely heroes toting guns, and a teenage super soldier have in common? They are all characters created by the talented crew at Chimaera Studios being released from The Cellar in 2005.

"The titles being offered by Cellar Door Publishing and Chimaera Studios in
2005 are extremely diverse," stated Cellar Door Publisher, Jade Dodge.
"From the dramatic to the obscure, Cellar Door and Chimaera Studios have something for everyone."

July 2005 marks the release of the highly anticipated SHOCKING GUN TALES.

SHOCKING GUN TALES is a diverse collection of short stories that
brings you into point blank range for heated gunplay and fatal consequences. Each amazing story focuses on a character and their exploits in deadly shell popping action!

"SHOCKING GUN TALES is one of those books that you just have a blast
putting together," said creator/writer George T. Singley. "Each of the
Chimaera Studios creators involved in the project put their heart and soul
into offering the reader a unique experience with each story. SHOCKING GUN TALES has something for everyone... I can't wait for you guys to see this book."

"SHOCKING GUN TALES is one of those rare books in that, once you pick it
up, you simply can't put it down," states Dodge. "It's a really good read
with some very powerful stories."

August 2005 marks the release of the Supernatural/Mystery/Thriller

HEADCASE, written by George T. Singley and illustrated by Mark Winters, is the story of Kate, a high priced courier woman that is well
known and used throughout the underground. Kate is haunted by delusional memories of her violent past as she tries to come to grips with the voices in her head that expose her demeaning reality. Kate will take all the "jobs" no one else wants no matter how racy or extreme. Now, if only she could figure out why everyone she comes in contact with keeps dying, she may stay alive herself!

"With HEADCASE, I wanted to tell a haunting and controversial tale that will keep the readers mind swimming in uncertainty and fascination," said
creator/writer George T. Singley. "Mark Winters artwork for this project is
absolutely gorgeous and helps add an air of mysticism and violent self
loathing to an already dark tale of individual abomination."

"After reading HEADCASE, I knew immediately this was a book we had to
publish," stated Dodge. "The story is unlike anything I've seen in quite
some time and the artwork is absolutely beautiful."

September 2005 marks the release of the action/superhero story CHANCE OF A LIFETIME.

Set in the 1930s, CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, written by James T. Mitchel with artwork by Freddie E. Williams, deals with the enormous responsibility that comes with being the FIRST superhero ever. We're introduced to a man named Jack Lewis, "The American," who overnight is given incredible superpowers. Are these superpowers a gift, or a curse? Will these super powers make Jack a better man or lead to his downfall?

"Freddie and I wanted to work on a realistic story that doesn't ignore the
emotions of a superhero," said writer James T. Mitchel. "What does it feel
like to fly for the first time? How does having superpowers effect your
everyday life with family or friends? What's it like to face a super villain more powerful than you? What does it feel like to have the pressure of the world on your shoulders? And what happens if you fail?"

"I was blown away when I first read CHANCE OF A LIFETIME," said Dodge.
"James has put a very unique spin on a genre familiar to us all. Fans of
the superhero genre will not be disappointed."

October 2005 marks the release of the sci-fi thriller PROJECT EON.

PROJECT EON, written by Brett Thompson and illustrated by Freddie E. Williams, chronicles the life of college student, Cameron Williams, whose entire life is about to change. He is the world's next generation super soldier, the FBI is knocking on his front door, while a sinister faction known as "The Cause" is hot on his tail, and Cameron doesn't even know it yet. As if this nineteen-year-old didn't have enough to worry about, he still has to cram for his upcoming chemistry final.

"PROJECT EON is about Cameron Williams, a college student that is coming to grips with becoming this generation's 'bionic man'. It's the type of fun
and fast paced book that you will want to read over and over. It's got
everything... humor, action, romance... what more could you want?" said
series creator and co-writer Brett Thompson.

"Project EON has been in the works for over two years now... we just wanted to hammer it out over and over until it became as strong as we could make it, something that we are really proud of," remarked series co-writer and penciler Freddie E. Williams II.

"We're extremely excited to be working with the creators at Chimaera
Studios," stated Dodge. "I’ve enjoyed these books immensely and I know you will, too."